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As an artist, you are engaged in your passion and creativity on a daily basis. You also want to go all-out to get to the top and stay there. To achieve this, you are prepared to give a lot, if not everything. The energy boost you experience around shows, and the recognition and approval you receive from your surroundings can be a strong incentive to want to perform more.

You aspire to the highest aim possible, but many colleagues do so too. The artist trade can be compared with top sports, in an individual discipline, where you are often on your own and ask a lot from your body.

"It is vital to preserve a fine work-life balance, so you can keep performing at the highest level."

Personal Artist Coach

The urge to perform well also has a downside. There may be days you are off balance. Days, for example, when you are off kilter due to insecurity, fatigue or bad reviews in the media. To maintain an optimal performance, you have to be able to cope with this relentless pressure of performing and other people’s expectations. This is not always easy.

That is why it is important to gather an excellent team around you, like top athletes do, so you will stay in shape both physically and mentally. Besides a manager, booker and physical supervisor, a mental coach can ensure you get the most out of your career, without losing track of yourself.

It is vital to preserve a fine work-life balance, so you can keep performing at the highest level. I can help you gain insight into what works best for you personally, learn to manage your limitations better, and implement the choices you make.

My coaching methods are solution- and practice-oriented and focus on both present and future. An essential element is that you are the director of your personal developing process: you choose the tempo and what you want to share. The coaching process is successful when you have become aware why you do the things you do and feel what you feel.

This awakening assures that you will keep performing well, now and in the future.

Esther van der Poel

PACCT is the result of 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, mixed in with my socio-pedagogical background and recent trainings and work in the field of coaching.

"A coach can ensure you to get the most out of your career, without losing track of yourself."

About Esther

From a young age, I have been fascinated with social contact between people. After completing my training in Social Work and Social Services, I ended up in the music industry.

For seven years, I worked as a booker at one of the oldest and most renowned dance-oriented booking agencies in the Netherlands: Anna Agency. At Anna Agency, I used to be responsible for booking and managing artists (like Marco V, Michel de Hey, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson) home and abroad.

With career planning, guidance and management, I made an active contribution to the development of these artists. Apart from having close contact with artists, I also often had contact with Dutch and foreign bookers, promoters, programmers of clubs and pop podiums and event organisers.

In 2006, I switched to ID&T, the largest dancer event organiser in the Netherlands. During my six years here, I was responsible for the general (music) programming for the events, along with the associated negotiations, production and coordination of all artists.

Over the years, I discovered that my main strength lies in my personal approach and that coaching suits me fine. So, I decided to broaden my work range. After obtaining a Practitioner and Master certificate for NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I worked for two years as a teacher and coach for HBO InHolland, specifically Media and Entertainment. In addition to my work as a coach and consultant, I currently counsel students at the HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht). Recently, I successfully completed my training as a Mental Coach.

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